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Alarm Clock Help

Onlive Clock: Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock that will allow you to wake up using your browser. The application features includes: built-in radio with many stations; various kinds of clock (digital, LED, analog, flip); multiple alarms, including video (YouTube-based) and talking wake up voice; flexible configuration; the set of background images and sounds; cuckoo; full-screen mode; the ability to automatically open Web pages; if your internet connection fails, the alarm clock will still work; remembers the settings; do not require registration.

To set the alarm time, just select the hours and minutes.

Before you go to sleep, unplug your headphones, make sure volume is up, open the alarm settings and click on the button "Test", make sure your computer doesn't fall into sleep mode or doesn't hibernate.

Onlive Clock works on latest versions of the major desktop web browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

It is a client-side program. This means that once the page is loaded, the alarm clock will work even if Internet connection goes down. Internet connection is only required to play content from YouTube, for the radio, voicing of notes, launching of pages and loading of background sounds.

If you use an YouTube alarm and at the alarm time video will not play for some reason (lost connection to the Internet, the video is deleted or blocked, error, etc.) then after about 20 seconds one of the default sounds will play.

The Google Chrome browser does not allow to autoplay video in a background tab until you visit the tab. It affects our YouTube alarm feature. But if the tab is opened in a separate window, everything works.

Some browsers, such as Google Chrome and Opera, for audio playback sometimes may require an explicit user action, such as clicking a button. Therefore, sometimes to start the alarm clock may need to press "Start" button, which in this case will appear on the loading screen. As long as you do not press it, it will not disappear and the alarm clock will not start. If the alarm clock is loaded and you do not see the button, you do not need to press anything. On desktop systems in most cases the alarm clock starts automatically, the button does not appear, and no need to press it. On mobile devices, on the contrary, in most cases you will see the button and it is necessary to press.

Onlive Clock allows you to use Internet radio as an alarm sound. Read more here about how this feature works and how to use it.

All your settings are stored in a cookie for 30 days after selecting or after the last load of the page.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail at