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Using Internet Radio as an Alarm Sound

     Attention! Be very careful with this type of signal, because you cannot be sure that the source you select will work (or will not broadcast silence) at the right time.

     Onlive Clock allows you to use Internet radio as an alarm sound.

     Internet radio (also web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio, IP radio, online radio) is a digital audio service transmitted via the Internet. Internet radio stations includes traditional broadcast stations which stream programming over the Internet as well as Internet-only stations.

     You can upload radio stations to Onlive Clock using playlist files (*.m3u, *.pls) or directly specify audio streaming URL.

     How to identify Internet radio streams

     A valid audio stream looks like this:

     An address such as "" is not directly an audio streaming, but a generic website address. This website could include a real audio streaming service, which will have its own URL.

     To check the audio streaming URL, open a new tab in your web browser and copy & paste this URL. If it is valid, it will start to play.

     Also note that in most web browsers, including Google Chrome, to play an audio stream in Onlive Clock, this audio stream must work over the HTTPS protocol (the address starts with https://), since our site works over the HTTPS protocol.

     How to discover playlist files (*.m3u, *.pls) and streaming URLs included in websites

     1. Open your web browser.

     2. Type (or search for) a radio stations directory website or a specific radio station website.

     3. If this is a radio stations directory website, search your radio and click on "m3u" or "pls" link. If this is a specific radio station website, search and click on "m3u" or "pls" link. An "*.m3u" or "*.pls" file will be downloaded. You can also search directly for an audio streaming URL.

     Examples of Internet radio stations directories
     Descriptions of radio stations contain audio streaming URLs.
     Descriptions of radio stations contain links to playlist files (*.m3u, *.pls).
     Descriptions of radio stations contain links to playlist files (*.m3u, *.pls).
     Descriptions of some (not all) radio stations contain links to playlist files (*.m3u, *.pls) or audio streaming URLs.
     Descriptions of radio stations contain links to playlist files (*.m3u, *.pls).